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Framing Policy

"Does a painting or drawing come framed?"

Framing is NOT a service included at my studio unless specifically stated on an individual item's purchase page.

However, I do highly recommend framing your piece of art for two reasons: 
(1) they look incredibly beautiful framed
(2) for stability and longevity of your piece- giving them a level of protection from wear and dust.

You can check out a local craft store or framing shop near you for larger pieces and/or your local Target, Pottery Barn, West Elm.. etc for your typical canvas or paper sizes under 18X24.

You could also check out your local mall- you never know what little mom and pop art place could be lurking right under your nose. 
And I think shopping local is always an A+ decision.

Don't forget about matting. Whether simple or textured, it can really make your art piece stand out and appear more elegant.